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Info Top end rebuild - RGV250

Discussion in 'Suzuki 250cc 2 Strokes' started by sloegin, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. sloegin

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    Jun 4, 2019
    My Bike:
    CBR250RR L, RGV250 VJ21, GSX1300RY turbo
    My bike is a VJ21 I bought 3 years ago for track days. I did my first top end rebuild towards the end of last year. Thanks to Sean at TTW for parts, help & advice on the rebuild.Thanks to James at Krazy Katt Racing for getting me on the dyno at short notice and setting the bike up.

    Spec is:

    JDM VJ21 on 32mm carbs with power jets & air solenoid.

    Stock barrels, stock pistons, stock base gaskets, stock air filter, stock airbox, stock power valves.

    Tuning works heads, Jolly moto pipes, Zeeltronic.

    It now has just over 62 at the tyre, but more importantly, a much bigger area under the curve when compared to how it was just after running in. Runs great with really crisp throttle response. I’m very happy with it. 20% up on a stock VJ21.

    53FE33E2-7A16-4308-AC58-6AF17B507909.jpeg On the graph the green line is how it was immediately after the top end rebuild break in.

    The blue line is after the first dyno session when I had some minor issues to address.

    The red line is the result from the final session.

    Had my first track session of 2021 on Monday evening this week and the bike ran great.
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