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Yamaha XS250 1980

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  • I bought this form a nice old guy in Tamworth and did a bit of tart up on the old girl. She was faded red with a big fat seat with a duck tail. Sold it to a nice guy from North Sydney to put outside his advertising office rear lane cafe so I could get on with the next project. I wanted to put the 400 engine in her but couldn't find one in OZ. A bit wobbly on the freeway but fun around town. Loud too. Put new fork springs in and did a bit of work on the carbies and brakes. Rattle can paint job with hand taped pin silver stripes. Had a few goes at it before I came up with the right combo. Nice big bike for a 250.

    Had a bit of a midnight scrap with an old school friend I put on my CD250 u. Outside the SCG I stopped for the roadworks and he went straight up my A*^$@. Obviously the XS brakes worked better than the CD's.

    His front fender hit me in the back of the leg. Dents, scrapes and bent handle bars and gear levers. Snapped my footpeg off. I pulled him up off the road and we hightailed it back to the batcave.

    Just like when we were teenagers growing up in Cairns. Ha. I'd just finished doing up both both bikes and had pretty much sold the CD to another mate so I had a bit of patching up to do. Being a bit of a Byron type, he was in his socks. You get the picture. We laughed for an hour afterwards. Bloody ning nongs.

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