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The Worlds Fastest Fizzer

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  • We had lots of fun and success. I was able to get 2 records! After we got through tech I ran my first run. I was able to do a 122.438 and my clutch was slipping bad. Put a new clutch in and ran again. I ran a 127.002. The next morning I ran my backup run at 126.213. Back to impound to do a cc check. The engine came out, head off and checked out just fine. Back together it goes. Ran again with my last gear set and made a 129.448 mph run (my fastest run). Back to impound for the night.
    The next morning I did my return run at 125.981 mph. All in all we did great and the bike came home running. I am already looking forward to next year! I am going to run the boost up and get a bunch of rear sprockets so I can dial in my top speed. Hoping to get an aftermarket full fairing to help with the aerodynamics.
    Next year my goal is 150mph :). It might be a stretch but you have to go big.



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