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2nd ZXR250A project, 1st track bike.

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  • 20160518_181020.jpg

    Aye guys here is my 2nd project, I purchased this bike just for the tank and rims to suit my other bike and decided to turn this into a track bike as its in better condition then I have expected.


    So quick rundown, purchased it off a guy in Sydney for a $1000, got it shipped up here to the sunny coast, pretty muched winged it, he said it was running mint and took his word for it, so it arrived and I started the ol' girl up, running only 2 cyclinders, does not run mint at all... rear tyre has no tread in the middle and rubber sprayed underneath rear seat, burnout pig for sure lmao. not to fussed because its a parts bike, but now I cant help my self but to get it running and on a track.
    20160519_173923.jpg 20160520_212818.jpg

    He did a good job at making it look pretty though, took the engine and loom out and resprayed the frame and swingarm, everything is surprising clean and glossy, to bad he did not remember how the loom went back in properly and butchered it. 20160521_113314.jpg

    calipers had a nice build up of sludge, pistons wear stuck out and all the seals were popped out and leaking fluid.

    20160604_074412.jpg 20160604_074437.jpg 20160604_074500.jpg

    Made up some fresh leads and bought plugs and new NGK caps (hopefully the reason it is not running properly) had original fujikmura 1989 leads in it and 3 different style plug caps.


    headstock, clamp and instrument cluster is immaculate, wouldn't mind swapping all this over to my other zxr!

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