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XCite Bikes
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Jul 24, 2024 at 7:32 AM
Aug 10, 2013
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Sydney, NSW

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XCite Bikes

Parts and Accessories, Male, from Sydney, NSW

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Jul 24, 2024 at 7:32 AM
    1. Gyro
      Afternoon, Can you confirm price of steel/ally muffler to 2319 please. I am presuming the postage at $12 as you indicated which is fine. Thanks for your help.
      1. XCite Bikes
        XCite Bikes
        Hey Greg. Yes, postage is $12. If you buy it through the website (http://xcitebikes.com.au/xt420ss) the price includes postage, and you accumulate reward points. Cheers. Omar
        Aug 31, 2015
    2. CBR Derp
      CBR Derp
      Hey, interested in the steel muffler for $55. How much would it be to get it sent to the post code 4078?
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      2. XCite Bikes
        XCite Bikes
        Shorty only in carbon fibre. The only steel in stock is 420mm, standard length. Send me your full name, delivery address, email address and contact number, and I'll email you the invoice.
        Aug 4, 2015
      3. CBR Derp
        CBR Derp
        just inboxed you mate
        Aug 6, 2015
      4. CBR Derp
        CBR Derp
        Hey, just a wondering if you received my message about the steel exhaust
        Aug 8, 2015
    3. quarkz
      Hey mate,

      Are you still getting in Tyga parts? Chasing a Seat Set Kit (Street) and Fairing Set Kit (Race) in GRP for an RS250

      1. XCite Bikes
        XCite Bikes
        Hey mate. Sorry for the delay. Could you give me the part numbers? It's better this way, so we avoid silly mistakes like me giving you a quote for the wrong item.
        Mar 28, 2015
    4. cal
      hey mate, how much for a set of front brake rotors on a 92' model VFR400R? if available
      1. XCite Bikes
        XCite Bikes
        Hey mate. MetalGear is out of front rotors for the NC30 at the moment, so I can't get them.
        Dec 18, 2014
    5. hurrycane
      My user id on ebay is mmh84d but purchased items would've been under the missus' name Tina !!
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