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Jun 29, 2024
Nov 4, 2012
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risky by name AND actions

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risky, Male, from newcastle,australia

honda hornet 600, yamaha yds5,honda dream ca77,megelli 250lc x2,fzr yamaha x2,maxim 250,cb750f2n,cbr1000,zxr250. Apr 26, 2015

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Jun 29, 2024
    1. Murdo
      Hi John, your mower is ready, give us a ring. $350 owing for parts and time.
    2. Dennis Burt
      Dennis Burt
      Hi risky.
      Due to a low compression reading on no4 I will have to strip the old machine down, but I want to get a fill set of gaskets and oil seals first, do you have any leads for these bits for my bike ? it's a 1986 Suzuki gf250 S four cylinder four stroke vin no= GJ71C-111774 Eng no= J702-111932
      Regards Dennis Burt. (Toronto NSW)
    3. Martin Green
      Martin Green
      Afternoon mate, Glenn and Kiffsta have put me onto you about some fzr250 3LN parts.
      do you have one that you're breaking by any chance?
      Thanks Martin
      1. risky
        have a spares one that i bought for the motor as same as 2kr. happy to help you out if i can. depends what you want?
        Feb 2, 2022
      2. risky
        cannot reply so try conversations
        Feb 2, 2022
    4. Ascetylene
      Heya Risky,

      I hear you're the person to go to. :)
      I'm looking for a cam chain and a top end gasket for my guy's Megelli 250S (2012). Also, if possible, a temperature gauge. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you.
      Hey risky, grasshopper said you might have some 2kr parts, I'm after an early swing arm, the one that has the holes in each side of the swing arm which the linkages sit in, not the one with the round bar underneath, any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers mate, mick
    6. risky
      honda hornet 600, yamaha yds5,honda dream ca77,megelli 250lc x2,fzr yamaha x2,maxim 250,cb750f2n,cbr1000,zxr250.
    7. Willrcr15
      John, Home again, big weekend.
      Kim said you needed something ?
    8. zaneizane
      Hi Risky you being the Megelli expert I am getting a noise from the front console it appears that it sounds like the starter motor is not turning off?
      makes a kinda grinding noise. Sometimes I will go and turn it off and the grinding continues then winds down.
      1. Charles Cabucos likes this.
      2. Charles Cabucos
        Charles Cabucos
        Hey mate, I think Risky has mentioned it somewhere on the post. I have that problem on mine now. When I start the bike the starter motor works but doesn't turn the fly wheel
        Feb 11, 2015
    9. troy01
      Hey mate.new to the site and seen ur the man about megelli. I have a 250r trying to track down some steering bearings. Any help is appreciated
    10. Willrcr15
      hi John, Kim said you called but I was snoring, happens a lot.
      I've been working on the bikes all day, cleaning & fixing.
      Tried a trick on dad's with the carbies but no luck, the new needles & seats should arrive next week, I rode it & it goes like a missile & thats only 3 cylinders functioning properly. I tried soaking the old needles in that tyre softener but no luck, it was worth a try.
      Have you been bust too ?
    11. Willrcr15
      Risky, looks like we might be riding down to Eastern Creek on the Sunday for the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed March 23rd.
      As long as the weather holds there'll be about 5 or 6 at this stage, 3 on their 'P's & a 72 yr old on an ex race bike so plenty of stops, your welcome to join in.
      We'll be leaving from Cardiff about 7am.
      1. risky likes this.
    12. Murdo
      Risky, Paul from the Tamworth VJMC said he tried to send some email to you but has lost your email address. Could you please email him again so he send stuff you requested.
      Thanks, Steve.
    13. Murdo
      Hi Risky, where in newie are you?
    14. Tyson
      Hey mate greyimport from FZR250.com said you might have a 2kr muffler laying around?
      Cheers Tyson
    15. risky
      honda ca77, megelli x2,fzr yamaha x2, maxim,cb750,cbr1000,zxr250 kwacka
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    risky by name AND actions
    My Bike:
    honda ca77, megelli x2,fzr yamaha x 5 ,maxim,cb750.cb600 hornet,zxr250,marusho magnum electra.
    old coot