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New Profile Posts

  1. Brandon Otte
    Brandon Otte Willrcr15
    Hey mate I see we have near identical fairings!
  2. kiffsta
    Bloody Australia post ,’still waiting for a small bag of parts , 2 weeks so far and it’s coming from Melbourne
  3. GreyImport
  4. GreyImport
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  5. Suzukititan
    Suzukititan kiffsta
    Hi Kiffsta,
    I dragged out the Kawasaki KV100 today to start cleaning it up with a view to putting it up for sale. Pretty good shape as I had coated parts with Ensis tropcproofing. Should I touch up some of the black parts , such as the exhaust with VHT, or just clean them as well as possible and leave it at that. I know that some people would prefer it to be left original. Any advice? Thanks
  6. GreyImport
    Thanx for the contribution @Andych !
  7. GreyImport
  8. GreyImport
    Thanks for the donation @Murdo !
  9. GreyImport
  10. GreyImport
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  11. Willrcr15
    Willrcr15 kiffsta
    Hi, I’m after someone to vapour blast parts for the current priject, RZ500, the local guy is too dear, been there before. Ive got a pair of footrest brackets that’s bern bead blasted to be painted but im thinking a vapour blast might be better, theres fork tubes to be done & more if i can get them done at the right price
    I ca send pics of them for pricing
    Regards Mitchell
  12. Ros
    Ros Tim_
    Hey mate, just wanted to ask a few questions regarding your MC22 ZXR front end swap
    1. maelstrom
  13. kiffsta
    I really want to shoot the designer of the ZZR250 air box, arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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  14. Peter O'Brien
    Peter O'Brien GreyImport
    How do I post items for sale
    1. GreyImport
      Jun 16, 2019
  15. Suzuki Mike
    Suzuki Mike Gamma Ray
    Hey Gamma Ray, new member and noticed we may share the same '87 RG250. Any tips on parts, supplies, tuning specifically power valves? I imported mine from Canada about 5 or so years ago as a project needing CDI and Power Valve units and am just now getting started with the project. Any parts sources other than eBay very much appreciated!

  16. Dennis gamuzaran
    Dennis gamuzaran GreyImport
    Hi good morning I'm looking carburetor assembly for my fzr 250 1HX engine
  17. GreyImport
    @Martyn Thanx for the contribution!
  18. Brian1121
    Brian1121 Murdo
    Good Morning, I was told by Maelstrom that you are familiar with my new bike, a 1967 Yamaha YDS3-C. I asked a question regarding the choke on this bike. Can you tell me where and how it's controlled?
  19. maelstrom
    It is that time of the year Mr Grey, the deadzone.
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  20. GreyImport